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Posted on September 26, 2012 
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communion: the act of sharing; possession in common; participation; a sharing in, or celebration of the Eucharist, or Holy Communion; the consecrated bread or wine of the Eucharist
Webster’s New World Dictionary
Third College Edition

Jesus is given to the world. He was chosen, blessed and broken to be given. Jesus’ life and death were a life and death for others. The Beloved Son of God, chosen from all eternity, was broken on the cross so that this one life could multiply and become food for people of all places and times. As God’s beloved children we have to believe that our little lives, when lived as God’s chosen and blessed children, are broken to be given to others. We too have become bread for the world. When we live our brokenness under the blessing, our lives will continue to bear fruit from generation to generation.
Henri Nouwen Society
Daily Meditation
July 16, 2011 Chris

As God has become communion for us we must become communion for one another. Each one of us has been chosen from all eternity for a special mission and we have been given what is necessary to complete that mission. Our talents, intelligence, personality, temperament, economic resources and other characteristics are all gifts that have been given to us to accomplish God’s intention for our lives. Nothing should give us greater joy than to see someone benefit from our service and aid. That person could be in our immediate family, in our neighborhood, in our city, or half a world away. In serving someone we become beacons of God’s love and, indeed, the omnipotent, omniscient, infinite God depends on us to further His work among His children, another indication of His humility and a frightening responsibility for us. When we stand before Him at the end of our earthly lives the emphasis will be on charity. How did we love, how did we share, not just our economic resources but also our gifts, talents, and our whole selves? How did we further His work, how did we surrender to His will and complete the mission He enjoined to us? Hopefully we can stand before Him and tell Him that we have no talents or gifts left since we used all He gave us to serve His children. The children of the world and those on these pages have also been given a mission. They have been given to us as gifts to teach us to love unconditionally as our Heavenly Father loves us, to trust unconditionally as we should unconditionally trust our Heavenly Father. They are indications that God has not given up on the world despite its overwhelming problems. Children are beacons of love and points of light that alleviate our burdens and doubts and infuse us with hope and optimism. We must help them, nourish them and allow them to reach their full potential so that they can serve when we are no longer able to do so.

God of love, whose compassion never fails, we bring you the griefs of people and nations, the pains of the sick and injured, the sighing of prisoners and captives, the sorrows of the bereaved, the necessities of the homeless, the helplessness of the weak, the despair of the weary, the failing powers of the aged. Comfort and relieve them, O merciful Lord, according to their needs and your great mercy. Amen.
St. Anselm of Canterbury

We thank you for your support of our children. We love you and wish you God’s peace.


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