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Posted on March 4, 2013 
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Theosis: “deification,” participation in the nature of God
Theosis is the understanding that human beings can have real union with God, and so become like God to such a degree that they participate in the divine nature. This does not imply that they become gods, but rather, that they are to become the fullness of the “divine image” in which they were created (Gen. 1:26), i.e., a perfect reflection of our God, and become partakers of the divine nature (2Peter 1:4).

God said let us make man in our image, after our likeness.
Genesis 1:26

My dearest wish Master, is that I might offer so little resistance to you that you could no longer distinguish me from Yourself – so perfectly would we be united, in a comunion of will.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, S.J.

As the soul becomes more pure and bare, and possesses less of created things, and is emptied of all things that are not of God, it receives God more purely, and is more completely in Him; and it truly becomes one with God, and it looks into God and God into it, face to face as it were; two images transformed into one.
Meister Eckhart

The world beckons. It beckons with its allurements, wealth, honors, power, success. It promises us happiness, contentment, security, independence. But we soon realize that what we wanted and now have has lost its luster and no longer holds our interest. Shortly another object of our desire will entice us, again promising happiness if we but possess it. This vicious spiral can continue throughout our lives and rob us of what truly constitutes true and everlasting happiness, union with God. One does not have to be a saint to achieve union with God since God earnestly and passionately seeks union with us. He does this by coming to us in the distressing disguise of the homeless, the addicted, the marginalized, the sick, the angry and bitter. He asks us to become one with them through our compassion and service, for by loving them we enter into a participation of the divine nature since God is love. God is the source of all love and in loving someone we enter into the interminable, infinite and unconditional love of the Trinity, the source of true and everlasting happiness. Our Lord said that the kingdom of heaven is among us, and indeed it is, in the love and compassion we have for one another. We have to look beyond the unpleasant aspects of those we come into contact with, their physical appearance, temperament and other disagreeable features and see the face of God. Saint Francis of Assisi had a horror of lepers, fleeing when he saw one in the distance. However, one day he came upon a leper and rather than flee, he dismounted from his horse, cupped the disfigured, infected, malodorous face of the leper in his hands and kissed him. From that encounter he knew that he could be happy and at peace with himself only if he became one with the poor and served them. Only then could he enter into union with God and participate in the life of the Trinity. May God grant us the same gift.

Our children are sacramentals. They speak of God’s unconditional, redeeming love. They teach us to bear difficulties, sorrow, pain. They give us the opportunity to serve them, become one with them and in so doing, enter into the life of the Trinity.

Children are the bridge to heaven.
Persian proverb

Children are God’s apostles, sent for day by day, to preach of love, and hope and peace.
James Russell Lowell

We thank you for giving us the opportunity to care for our children. We love you and wish you God’s peace.


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