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Oneing-A Middle English term that describes the unitive nature of creation. A Modern English equivalent would be uniting. The term oneing was also used to describe the encounter between God and the soul.

Oned-A Middle English term which means to be one, united, blended, joined or fused.

The love of God creates in us such a oneing that when it is truly seen no person can separate themselves from another person.

In the sight of God all humans are oned and one person is all people and all people are one person.

In general I am in the oneing of love, for it is in this oneing that the life of all people exists.

Lady Julian of Norwich

The concept of the unitive nature of creation, that we all constitute a oneness, derives from the fact that all that exists owes its being to one Father. The concept of the oneness of creation runs counter to our cultural concepts of individualism and the differentiating of ourselves from others by means of education, wealth, physical aspects, race or religion. These latter concepts divide us into different levels in society and deny that a oneness exists. But in the eyes of God there is only one level: all of us are His beloved children and all have equal dignity. Through the Incarnation He elevated human nature to a higher level, He divinized it and all share equally in that divinization. Education, wealth, success can be laudable but we must realize that they are gifts given to us in stewardship to be used to help ourselves and others in our journey to our true home. They must never be used to compartmentalize, to group individuals as being superior or inferior to one another. The same Father who created the leaders of the world’s nations also created the unkempt, odorous homeless persons in our cities and all have equal dignity before God and are equally and unconditionally loved. God Himself experienced opprobrium during His earthly existence. He was born into extreme poverty, was a common laborer, was questioned as to how He could teach since He had no formal education and was considered a common criminal and was sentenced to an ignominious death. His message was too radical: love one another without distinction to one’s attributes as your heavenly Father loves you.

Our children suffer distinction by society. They live in shanty towns, in precarious houses lined with plastic sheets to shelter them from the cold and rain. Their houses have dirt floors and may not have running water or electricity. Their education is nonexistent or substandard. They are considered to be apart, the anawim of society, suffering judgment for their lack of material goods. Judging persons according to their physical attributes, financial status, or educational achievements is contrary to the will of God because we are all one.

In you, O Christ, we find that we are one, whether east or west, whether parent or child, whether human or creature. Renew us in life’s unity. Release in us again the mighty flow of the one river. And set us free, O Christ, to love.

John Phillip Newell
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Elvis – Dislocated Right Hip

Elvis - Dislocated Right Hip

Dislocated Right Hip

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Luz - Cerebral Palsy

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Josue – Recurrent Pneumonia due to Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Josue - Recurrent Pneumonia due to Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Recurrent Pneumonia due to
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

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Maria - Clef Lip and Palate

Clef Lip and Palate

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